Bulk Trash Pickup Fees

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Haverford Township provides residential bulk trash pickup for large household items and appliances. Commercial trash items are not accepted. Fencing and sheds are also not accepted for bulk trash pickup. Concrete is also not accepted and must be removed from any posts before pickup will occur. Payments may be made 1) online with a credit card; 2) in person at the township building during business hours with cash, check or credit card; 3) mailed to the Township building with a check; or 4) put through the front door mail slot at the Township building with a check. You must include your name, address, telephone number, the desired pickup date, and the item(s) you want removed. 
Fees are set annually as part of the formal Fee Schedule Ordinance adopted by the Board of Commissioners. 
Pickup Date
Collections take place on Wednesdays. Items must be placed at the curb by 7:00 AM. Collections begin at 7:00AM and continue until all items are picked up. The crew works until they are finished and frequently is not finished until after the dinner hour. Additionally, depending on the size of the day's pickup - the crew may go around once for pickup of non-metal items and then do a subsequent pickup later in the day for metal items (e.g. dryers, refrigerators, etc). Please do not remove any items scheduled for pickup from the curb prematurely nor call the Public Works Dept regarding a possible missed pickup until Thursday morning.
Fee Schedule 
Effective January 9, 2012, fees for open truck collections are as follows:
  • $18.00 per item.
  • 6 - 10 items is considered a cleanout and the charge is $98.00
  • Each item above 10 items is $98.00 with an added $18.00 charge for each additional item.
  • Especially large items such as bath tubs, ping pong tables, and portable basketball nets COUNT AS TWO ITEMS or $36.00
  • Mattress AND boxspring sets COUNT AS TWO ITEMS or $36.00
  • Childrens Wooden Swing Sets COUNT AS THREE ITEMS or $54.00
  • Sectional sofas are BY THE PIECE (each $18.00)
  • Pianos COUNT AS TWO ITEMS or $36.00
  • Large projection big-screen TV's, console TV's or older model tubular TV's COUNT AS TWO ITEMS or $36.00
  • Pick up of HOT TUBS are coordinated privately between resident and the hauler, and are not part of the Township bulk trash program. You may call the Township at (610) 446-1000 for additional information.

Please Note:

  • The Township can schedule a maximum of 50 pickups on each bulk trash collection day! If the day you would like is not shown in the drop down menu under "Pickup Day", then the maximum pickups have already been reserved.
  • All online scheduling and payments must be made by Tuesday at 10:00 AM to qualify for the next day pickup. You may still come to the Township building in person up until 1:00 PM to be included in the following day collection route.
  • The Bulk Trash Pogram is open only to Haverford Township residents, not commercial businesses.
  • If the information provided on your scheduling request is inaccurate, Haverford Township reserves the right to refuse pickup.
  • Only items entered on your request will be picked up.
  • Items may not be brought to the curb prior to 7:00 PM the night before your scheduled pickup date.
  • Items must be brought out to the curb by 7:00 AM on your scheduled pickup date.
  • If you have any questions regarding items eligible for pickup, please contact Public Works at 610-446-1000 ext. 2263 or 2264.

Schedule a Bulk Trash Pickup