Rental Housing Licenses

Rental properties require annual licenses and an inspection prior to occupancy.

A fee of $60.00 per dwelling unit is required with the license application. All fees are due on or before March 1 each year or a penalty of $50.00 will be added, making the total due $110.00. The Housing License is for a 12-month period from March 1st to February 28th.

All occupants of the rental property must be listed on an occupancy registration form and submitted with the license application. A copy of the executed lease agreement must also be submitted.

Before a tenant moves in or at the initial use of a residence as a rental, the property must be inspected.

Each time the occupancy of the rental unit is changed, an inspection of the property is required to determine that the premises meet the healthy and safety requirements of the Township. A fee of $50.00 per unit is charged for each inspection and re-inspection. Failure to Appear for Scheduled Inspection is a $50.00 fee.

Other information for Rental Housing Licenses

  1. No more than three (3) unrelated people may reside in a rental house;
  2. Owner occupied units may not have more than one (1) roomer or boarder; and
  3. Student housing is permitted only when authorized by the Township Zoning Hearing Board as a "special exception".

Rental Application Form

The operation of a rental property is considered a business-activity for the purpose of the Township's Business Privilege Tax. An annual business license should be applied for and an annual business tax return should be filed with the Township's business tax administrator. All requests for forms and questions regarding the tax should be directed to Tri-State Financial Group.

Tri-State Financial Group

PO Box 441

Southeastern, PA 19399

(610) 993-8609

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Audit and Compliance Program

The Township reserves the right to audit and inspect all books and records of a taxpayer to support the information reported on taxpayer filed returns.