1st Ward Commissioner - Steve D'Emilio

Steve D'Emilio

Steve D'Emilio is a dedicated public servant.  A native of South Philadelphia who chose Havertown as the community to raise his family. From the moment Steve moved to Havertown, he became an active advocate to preserve the character of our community. He served on the Westgate Hills Civic Association Board and later joined the Township Zoning Board. After the tragic events of September 11, his respect for the first responders in New York moved him to attend the Montgomery County Fire Academy. Upon successful completion of his training, he earned the designation of National Fighter 1a Firefighter/First Responder and then served with the Manoa Fire Company in Havertown; where he continues to volunteer and presently serves on the Fire company board of directors and is presently the treasurer of the Fire Company.


Steve is a graduate of Neumann University where he earned Cum Laude honors.  


Steve believes preserving our community's character and keeping Havertown the great place to live and raise a family - that led him to choose Havertown to reside and raise his own family is first and foremost the motivating factor that drives him to continue to serve the residents of the 1st ward and Haverford Township. Steve has always stated: "The reason I continue to serve the residents of the Township is so that I can make a meaningful, positive contribution to preserve and improve our quality of life. Every resident deserves the opportunity to express their concerns and views - which is why I hold regular town hall meetings with residents and Township officials". Furthermore, "Political party affiliation is not a factor in any of my governing decisions".


Just elected to his third term as the 1st Ward Commissioner, Steve appreciates the trust placed in him by the residents and attributes his success to the unwavering support for his public advocacy of the resident's issues. Many successful programs have been enacted under his stewardship and he believes the support of the residents in the community has helped him be successful in serving as 1st Ward Commissioner.


Steve lives in the 1st Ward of Haverford Township with his wife and children.

Feel free to contact Steve by email at sdemilio@havtwp.org.

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