Special Operations Unit

The Special Operations Unit (SOU) is responsible for many facets in the overall operation of the Police Department. The Unit is staffed by 1 Sergeant and 7 Officers and allows the Department flexibility in deploying officers of the unit for special events, conducting training or other administrative functions without depleting the resources of the regular patrol unit.
Special Operations - Vehicle Crash Investigation

One of the primary responsibilities of the SOU is fatal (and near fatal) crash investigations, crashes involving police cars, hit-and-run crashes or any other extraordinary crash. Specialized equipment used in those investigations includes the Leica FlexLine TS02plus Manual Total Station measuring and diagramming device, the Laser Technology's LTI 200 laser measuring device and the CAD Zone's CrashZone diagramming software. Members of the Unit have completed the basic and advanced fatal crash investigation classes.

In an attempt to prevent crashes, members of the Unit utilize the three E's - Engineering, Education and Enforcement. The engineering facet consists of conducting traffic surveys and making recommendations concerning traffic patterns and restrictions, i.e., traffic calming. The education facet finds Unit members attending community meetings and listening to their concerns, offering a variety of solutions and working with the Township to complete the task. The enforcement facet is the extremely focused solution to crash prevention.  By issuing a citation, the goal of the police officer is to prevent the reoccurrence of a potentially dangerous behavior. The Department participated in two specialized programs, Buckle-Up PA and Aggressive Driving, which received both federal and state funding. The primary focus of the Buckle-Up PA program is seatbelt usage, and encompasses both education and enforcement portions of the program. The Aggressive Driving program is targeted toward aggressive driving behaviors, and is strictly an enforcement program.

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