Parking Enforcement

The Parking Enforcement Office is under the direction of the Sergeant of the Special Operations Division and is responsible for all of the parking meter enforcement. The office is staffed by one secretary and four parking enforcement officers. 

Throughout the township are 390 parking spaces. These spaces are controlled by meters located within five different municipal parking lots and curbside parking spaces at several different business districts. Central meters control the Brookline and Oakmont municipal parking lots. These central meters are solar powered and assist the Township in “going green” by reducing the electric costs to run the meters. The meters are maintained and serviced by Parking Enforcement Officers, who are also responsible for the coin collection from these meters.

During 2017 the Police Department continued our parking enforcement efforts within the “Safe Streets” campaign in an effort to improve public safety and enhance the quality of life within the community. The increased enforcement initiative was part of an effort to encourage voluntary compliance with parking regulations and address citizen’s complaints of parking violations throughout the township. The Police Department achieved these parking compliance goals in a multiphase approach. The first step was to focus on resident and motorist education promoting voluntary compliance, secondarily focusing the efforts of our patrol officers on the parking campaign and the third stage was continuing to utilize our Parking Enforcement officers through expanded responsibilities that include the enforcement of violations upon residential streets and roadways along with meter time violations and Fire Marshal Zone parking violations.

Parking Enforcement - 2017 Report