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Merry Place -
A Place for All
'Merry Place' is part of the Haverford Township Department of Parks and Recreation. It is located in Glendale Park and contains a playground and nature area. The park provides parking, shade trees, picnic shelter and a fishing pier. It has many features for children and adults including play areas and a tree house accessible for ALL people.
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Merry Place Mission
Merry Place is a project of the Merry Place Committee and the Haverford Township Recreation Department. The broad objectives of this project are to provide an integrated play experience for children of all abilities; create a place where people from all walks of life can be together; and educate and improve public awareness of people with disabilities.

Merry Place Permits/Rental Policy
  • Merry Place is available for rentals Monday through Sunday at designated times.
  • A completed Merry Place permit and fee for the use of the bathrooms is required to hold your requested time slot.
  • No alcohol is permitted at Merry Place or any Township parks.
  • To be considerate of other permit holders, all trash must be taken with you at the end of your rental.
Haverford Township residents are considered for permits before non-residents. Non-residents will not be guaranteed a permit until 3 weeks before the requested date & time.
Please see our registration site for the Merry Place permit application.

Merry Tropp
'Merry Place' is named for Mary Tropp.
Merry was the Recreation Coordinator for the Recreation Department & the Haverford High School field hockey, lacrosse & squash coach.
Merry died in 1994 and Merry Place
has been dedicated to her.
Merry Place playground
She Lives On
Lives On - Her Spirit Lives On
Lives On - Her Spirit Lives On
When people from all walks of life
Come to play at Merry Place - she lives on
In the joy and the laughter when children have fun
In the flowers that bloom and the waters that run
In the smiles that shine like warm summer sun
In the birds morning song - she lives on.
In each step that is taken with courage and pride
Each hand that is offered to help climb a slide
Each person who feels welcome way down inside
In each friendship formed - she lives on.
Written by Tim Denny - 10/26/96

Friends of Merry Place
The Friends of Merry Place was established to oversee the development of the Merry Place site, provide volunteer leadership for fundraising and oversee its operation for the years ahead. The Friends of Merry Place work closely with the Haverford Township Recreation Department to insure community representation and support.
Friends of Merry Place have worked on the sand area, built bridges, ramps & fences, painted, cleaned the 'Walk of Life,' installed play equipment, planted flowers, weeded gardens and performed many other general clean up duties. These workers and volunteers are truly friend of Merry Place and have helped make it the place it is today.
For more information about the Friends of Merry Place or to volunteer your services, please call 610-446-9397 or email