Officer of the Year

Haverford Township Police Department proudly presents

Officer William Albertus

Officer William Albertus

2016 Officer of the Year

During the April Staff meeting of the Haverford Township Police Department, the nomination for the Officer of the Year Award was discussed. All eight Sergeants from the Patrol Division, two Sergeants from the Detective Division and the Sergeant of the Special Operations Unit unanimously nominated Officer William Albertus to receive the 2016 Officer of the Year Award.

Officer Albertus was the epitome of 'Community Policing'. He always took pride in patrolling his district. He was on a first name basis with all of the business owners and their employees. Everyone knew Will and asked if Will was working whenever other officers would go into businesses. Will was known for his laid back approach to problem solving. He always treated the public with respect and professionalism. Will was well respected by his peers and his easy going demeanor made officers at ease around him.   

Officer Albertus was the 'sanity' and 'compassion' on calls involving people going through crisis. He could always console and calm them down to the point that all was safe for everyone involved. Often people in crisis would request Will to stay with them for whatever the next process might have been. Officer Albertus had a gift in dealing with people, making them comfortable and at ease in their time of need. When dealing with the public Will always showed his compassion for people.

Will never seemed to have a bad day, and this was quite evident in his work ethic! He was always happy when working and especially when he talked about his wife Jen and their three children; Blair, Teddy and Jude. They meant the world to him. While at work Will always completed what was asked of him…and Will never complained, no matter what the conditions were. Since Will’s injury and passing, the entire Police Department has been amazed at the outpouring of condolences from everyone on the street. Just some examples would be Larry Faden and Stu Fertman, of Faden’s Jewelers located in the Township Line Shopping Center, were in tears upon learning of Will’s passing, as was Bill, of Bill’s Shoe Service in the Manoa Shopping Center, along with the entire staff of Starbucks! One of Will’s Sergeants recalled that one evening after Will’s passing, while he was driving in his police vehicle along West Chester Pike, he was stopped at a red light, when the driver of a vehicle next to him got out of his vehicle, ran over to the police car, shook his hand and told him that he was “so sorry to hear about Will” and told the Sergeant that he was praying for the entire police department! We all could only hope to leave a legacy like that!

Officer Albertus, being recipient of this award posthumous, will be eternally memorialized within the Haverford Township Police Department and the entire Haverford Township community for the distinction of the 2016 Officer of the Year!