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Investigations Unit

The Haverford Township Police Department Investigations Unit provides criminal investigative services to the Police Department. They provide members of the Patrol Division with technical assistance during various types of investigations.

Our detectives process crime scenes in order to recover evidence and to assist in developing leads necessary to solve crimes. Additionally, the detectives maintain close working relationships with other investigatory agencies on all levels of law enforcement.

In addition, our Detective Unit has the technical expertise to deal with youth offenders and/or victims and provide juvenile support service to the Police Department and community. Unit members act as Liaisons to the Youth Aid Panel.

This Unit also assists Patrol Officers and other Detectives who are investigating crimes that involve juveniles. They are also instrumental in providing "at-risk" juveniles (and their families) alternatives in becoming involved in the Juvenile Justice or Criminal Justice Systems.

Anonymous Tipline

The Police Department encourages people to report crimes or suspected criminal activity. You are also encouraged to leave a means of contacting you for any follow-up information the detectives may need. Personal contact with you is ALWAYS CONFIDENTIAL. Your contact with a member of the Detective Division may expedite the resolution of a criminal investigation, or help in the prompt apprehension of a wanted person.

If you do not want to leave your name or means of contact, by all means, please use the Anonymous Tipline Number, (610) 853-1298 After the recorded message, please leave your anonymous tip.