Special Services Division

The Special Services Division is commanded by one Lieutenant who is responsible for three separate elements: the Detective Unit, Special Operations Unit and Community Policing Unit. The Special Services Division Lieutenant is also the Critical Incident Team Commander.

  • The Detective Unit is currently comprised of one Sergeant and seven Detectives. This unit's primary responsibility is to conduct follow up investigations on all major crimes occurring in Haverford Township as well as investigations into other suspicious or criminal activities having sufficient information or evidence which could culminate in an arrest or a clearance of an incident.
  • The Special Operations Unit (SOU) is comprised of one Sergeant and four Patrol Officers who are responsible for the investigation of serious injury or fatality vehicle crashes and selective traffic law enforcement. SOU officers also conduct in In-House and Firearms training to members of the department. This unit's staffing allows the Department flexibility in deploying officers of the unit for special events, conducting training or other administrative functions without depleting the resources of the regular patrol unit.
  • The Community Policing Unit is comprised of one Sergeant and two Patrol Officers. The members of the unit are all Certified Crime Prevention Specialists. Members of this unit provide support to the Patrol Division and Detective Unit, as well as the community. It works closely with the residential, commercial and industrial communities and develops strategies that promote proactive community problem solving and crime prevention. The Community Policing Unit Supervisor is also responsible for overseeing the Police Department Motorcycle Unit, the Parking Enforcement Unit which consists of five Parking Enforcement Officers and 62 School Crossing Guards.