CREC Facility

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CREC Facility Rooms
Upper Floor
Activity Room
Arts and Crafts Room
Multipurpose Room
Walking Track
Lower Floor
Environmental Classroom
Environmental Lab
Fitness Studio
Health and Wellness Center
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Reserve and the other Facilities that we have.

Benefits to Residents

Double Gymnasium
  • Basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer.
  • Summer camps and special events such as craft shows and flea markets.

Walking Track

  • Walkers, especially those over age 50, to walk year round.
Multi Purpose
  • Afterschool programs and cooking classes
  • Senior lounge and teen activity space
  • Youth sport parent and coaches meetings, and rentals for family parties civic events and scout gatherings.

Enviromental Nature Area

  • Adult and Children's classes and programs on nature and the environment, as well as field trips for local schools and scout groups.

Health and Wellness Area

  • Wellness classes, adult and senior fitness (cardio, yoga, pilates, zumba), sport specific strength and flexibility training and youth dance classes.